Tarot Cards for February 7th, 2013

We are now working a day ahead, this read is for what will happen not what has already transpired.

Welcome to a new feature to my website. I will be picking three cards a day randomly from one of my many Tarot decks and I will give my personal interpretation of them imparting my particularly Dark Sided point of view.  Remember I am always right about Everything,   From all the Best to all the Worst things………

Money on the Fast Track, Work and Organization

First card pulled: The Queen of Pentacles. Fast swift financial gains. Money rules over all other concerns today. Finally things will be falling into place and will run on a clear corse towards greater success. Do not get side tracked from the missions of the day. Make those phone calls and get organized.

Second card pulled: The Ten of Rods. Hard work, Organization and prioritizing jobs at hand. Have faith that you can handle all that needs to be done. Self reliance. Work hard for yourself today and expect no outside moral support. This day is about you and your financial needs. Keep yourself strong by defying the opinions of others.

Third card pulled: Strength. Elegant refined strength. Strength with purpose and a plan. Strength of Mind and Body. Use your strength and skills to stick to the tasks at hand. Use it for yourself and always keep in mind that even if you want to help others you must first make sure you are strong enough first (like they say on airplanes put your oxygen mask on first then help other, they might be unable to help you if you don’t)

Summation: All in all a great day financially is ahead. Spend it being diligent and  getting organized so you can handle the work load. Strength is on your side but try not to be so valiant that you focus on others today…. Because they wont be focusing on you!

Today’s Numbers: 8, 10, 13

Today’s Colors: White, Red, Brown