Tarot Cards for February 11th, 2013

We are now working a day ahead, this read is for what will happen not what has already transpired.

Welcome to a new feature to my website. I will be picking three cards a day randomly from one of my many Tarot decks and I will give my personal interpretation of them imparting my particularly Dark Sided point of view.  Remember I am always right about Everything,   From all the Best to all the Worst things………

Judgements in your favor especially those regarding money.

First card pulled: The King of Cups. All seeing and focused and what is needed to fill his cup. Relaxed and powerful. Confident and successful. All goals are met when clearly defined. Always looking forward and planning the next 10 steps ahead. Not easily distracted or confused.  Be ready to realize your goals today. You might be surprised at how close you are to realizing them.

Second card pulled: Judgement. Decisions are being made today both by yourself and by others directly involved in your future be ready to act upon the knowledge you recieve. Though many positive answers will come your way chose the single best of the bunch. Judgement is on your side.  This will clear your mind and your visions and show you that some of your friends and associates are not as dedicated to you as you think.  Revelations of Jealousy

Third card pulled: The Ace of Pentacles. Money over all other successes today. A great day to finalize business plans and to attain wealth or get clear answers to money related questions. Be happy that today will bring good news about finance and settle for the fact that today has little to do with Love or other emotions.

Summation: Red flowers bloom across the cards showing happy and successful partnerships are coming your way. The King of Cups is a greedy yet thoughtful ruler and he is watching over this read. Be ready for profitability as the first step towards your master plan of Success in all areas including Romance

Today’s Numbers: 1, 7, 14, 21

Today’s Colors: Blood Red and Black