Tarot Cards for February 28th, 2013

We are now working a day ahead, this read is for what will happen not what has already transpired.

Welcome to a new feature to my website. I will be picking three cards a day randomly from one of my many Tarot decks and I will give my personal interpretation of them imparting my particularly Dark Sided point of view.  Remember I am always right about Everything,   From all the Best to all the Worst things……

Juggling two worlds to make one succeed.

First card pulled: The Two of Rods. Juggler of the world and work. Emotionally open and nostalgic, chooses to find balance in both work and in life. Understands that to succeed you have to have a passion you are working towards. Honest and forthright making descions based on fact but swayed by emotional issues giving a real world balance and perfection to the flow of life.

Second card pulled: Three of Pentacles. Fearful of change and overly nostalgic. Money is a distant reality but constantly on the mind. False memory of times when everything was better. a false refuge in childish irresponsibility. Spoiled and from wealth a choice to be ignorant of how business works and an arrogance that you can change how things work because you want it to change.

Third card pulled: The Ace of Pentacles. The all powerful dollar, supreme financial success and the outstanding part of the earth bound trilogy of wealth health and Love. Success in all matters financial and all things associated with wealth are foremost today

Summation: It is all about the balance of “Threes” today. In each card there are represented three major symbols, the ace pentacle with two crossed flowers, the three of pentacles and the two rods and one royal orb. throughout this read it shows how balance of the earthbound trilogy is needed to insure financial success. If you cannot balance all three factors you will not keep your success in any single one for long. Balance work, health and love and you will become very financially secure, ignore the others and it will be a fleeting success. It will be a very mellow and calm day with a lot of chances to be generous. So ends February on a very good financial note.

Today’s number 3

Today’s color Green


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