Tarot Card Reading for April 21st, 2013

I am now working a day ahead, this read is for what will happen not what has already transpired.

Welcome to the Tarot Card Reading  feature of my website. I will be picking three cards a day from my favorite Tarot deck, photographing them nightly, and I will give my personal interpretation of them. Imparting my particularly Dark Sided point of view.  Remember I am always right about Everything,  from all the Best to all the Worst things……

Call the Corners, Build the Home

First card pulled: The Four of Rods. Success at home. a peaceful and beneficial domestic situation. Getting all four corners of a goal in place. Home ownership and new beginnings. The start of a journey that will lead to a happy home and a true partner relationship. The goals you have worked for are now closer than ever and present a clear pathway. The road you have been traveling is the correct one so stay with it. Now is not the time to deviate from the direction you are heading.

Second card pulled: The Ten of Rods. Overcoming problems at work and organizing financial matters. Taking your many tasks and completing them as one complete project. Ignoring outside interference in your work and turning your back on “know it all’s” who have an opinion but offer no actual help. You are the strongest member of your team and at times you are better off alone, but do not hold it against people whom you turn away from for not helping you when you know they are useless anyway

Third card pulled: The Four of Cups. The final piece is gifted to complete what you desire. Good luck and fortune. Contemplation and soul searching reveals what you truly need and desire. Finding a complete balance in all aspects of your life after realizing what is missing. Once you know what you need it will come to you. Removing yourself from the social distractions and expectations that create false needs and wants.

Summation: Today is a very good day for those on the path towards domestic stability. Introspection will lead you down a path to self knowledge and today you will come to some conclusions that might go against the group you travel with but will make you very happy. This is a good luck day and good things will fall in your lap if you are open to these gifts. Work will come to a positive outcome and you will get things done and done well. If you have not already planned on it, spend time working on your home and meditating on how you can improve how and where you are living.

Today’s Numbers: 4

Today’s Colors: Heliotrope and Puce
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