Tarot Card Reading for June 15th, 2013

We are now working a day ahead, this read is for what will happen not what has already transpired.

Welcome to a new feature to my website. I will be picking three cards a day randomly from one of my many Tarot decks and I will give my personal interpretation of them imparting my particularly Dark Sided point of view.  Remember I am always right about Everything,   From all the Best to all the Worst things…

You are not thinking with your head, so let someone think for you

First card pulled: The Six of Pentacles. Organization of finances. Balancing budgets. Careful examination of the worth of investments. Can be overly concerned with monetary value of all encounters and puts a price on every interaction. Oblivious to value outside of dollars and cents. An important source when you need a completely objective opinion on the worth of a situation. Seek this advise when you cannot see beyond the emotional attachments you have

Second card pulled: The Lovers. Passion and obsession and a weakness to whatever you partner is pushing this day. Unable to see past the physical and emotional pleasure in the relationship you do not see when you are being manipulated into bad business situations. A lot of people will come out of the woodwork today with a lot of sexual needs, can be fun, bit also a lot of entanglements to follow

Third card pulled. The Moon. Mystery and deception and magic. Unseen forces pull at you like the rising of the tide making you act irrationally in situations that call for rational decision making. Moon Madness makes the blood boil in both lust and anger and either individually (or someone help you) or at the same time you are going to need a level head to make judgements for you. Enjoy the crazy but make an escape plan

Summation. Today will offer a double edged sword of a day. On the one hand it will be filled with passion and excitement and on the other serious financial opportunity and decisions. you will need the help of a level headed friend or adviser who can coldly and analytically make choices for you while you deal with crazy ex’s, current lovers and just plain random encounters today. Let others be your brain because today you won’t be thinking with yours. Do Not confuse a days excitement with serous future planning let the numbers do the talking.

Today’s Numbers: 2, 6, 18,

Today’s Colors:  Green and Purple
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