Solipsism the Satanic Sin of the Year 2018

As the year 2018 comes to a close I have to nominate “Solipsism” the most egregious mistake that everyone has made to some point. Stop being boring old Fish Wives. Political rants, Diet fads, Health crisis, and Personal rants about who you are dating or want to date etc etc…. You do know you are. Presenting the kind of boring gossip that usually ends up with people clearing the room as you drone on and on about the most mind numbing trivia. Somehow you have fooled yourself that people want to hear about this clap trap. This is an amazing time to be creative and the world of social media is falling apart before our eyes. Prepare for it’s demise. Remember Myspace? Friendster? Geocities? Hotmail? they all ruled for a time. I have been predicting this to friends with the exact timeline as it’s happening, I have made the shift, have you?  Anyway enjoy the first stone to fall: Tumblr. 

Eat Your Heart Out