This Satanist approves of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

As a Magister in the Church of Satan and the founding father of the Witchcraft district in upstate NY, I whole heartedly approve of this romp through the dark corners of TV land. Taking this fun filled journey through the Darkside of teenage occultism I have to say as a show for 14 year olds this is a fun show and truly demonstrates some classic Satanic beliefs. Taking some of it’s occult facts aside and it is geared for young adults without too much exposure to historically accurate facts, this show gets it right with some basic truisms that we as Satanists stand for. I love the basic facts that there is no race or sexuality that is considered “normal” everyone is into everyone and there are no “on this very special episode we tell the touching story of an interracial Satanic couple trying to fight the stereotypes of injustice” blah ba blahh ba blahhh.. It’s wonderfully full of murder, sex and black magic, a dose of casual cannibalism and witty sarcasm and carnality run amok as well as it looks like they’re are peaking through my window for set ideas…… oh I am excited to watch one of the weird sisters chop the head off the Baphomet statue airing on Netfix April 5th