Welcome to Joe Netherworld

I am many things and go by many titles: Magister of the Church of Satan, Well known professional psychic, Founder of the Witchcraft District of the Haunted Hudson Valley New York and creator of Omnivoyant.com. This is my personal website and it will give you a glimpse inside my world. I have been the subject of documentaries about my unique way of living and the total environments I create. I have been working on an ongoing project to create a memorial sculpture of Poughkeepsie native Ed Wood jr. among many other things. I like to refer to myself as the bastard love child of Martha Stewart and Vincent Price bringing a certain epicurean style and macabre sensibility to all my endeavors. I have created the website Cocktail Vultures with my mixologist partner Peggy Nadramia and have changed the world of cocktail culture

Magister of the Church of Satan

I have been a member since 1993 and have been an outspoken and knowledgeable commentator on Satanic philosophy and history of the church mainly by being involved for over 3 decades. See the following documentaries:

Now the Black House is located just down the block from my own home and Poughkeepsie probably has more high ranking members than anywhere else in the world…

Professional Psychic

I have been using my abilities for all my life and in 2001 after meeting my life changing friend Shawn Poirier Witch King of Salem MA at his insistence I started working with him at his most amazing events The Festival of the Dead. Thus began a new chapter of bringing my gifts to the public and the stories of mystery and unknowable knowledge became stuff of legend….


The creation of all my endeavors and expertise creating a web platform that is like no other. Live video connection to other interested viewers. Everything from psychics and witches to performers and musicians. Like nothing that exists before but will be the platform all will use OMNIVOYANT.COM