In the most basic of terms I am a psychic. I provide psychic council to individuals who want very factual readings. I make no religious claims to the origins of my talents and skills I consider them a trait I was born with, a slight mutation or evolution of mental facility. I believe all animals and most humans have the latent ability to use their minds as a means of communication with each other and with forces beyond our current scientific understanding. I have the ability to connect with individuals and read the forces at work within them as well as sense the forces being put upon them. I experience what many refer to as Déjà vu on demand and receive images of the future in cryptic vignettes. Having mastered to some greater degree the ability to “Push” these forces and to expedite the coming of future events is the service I am most known for and requested to perform. I only will use what I refer to as 3rd party verifications of my abilities so I recommend that you read my reviews from paying unsolicited costumers at

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Paranormal investigations and research: I have gone on many ghost hunts much to the shock and consternation of the teams I work with I tend to uncover the less than glamorous stories and entities. For clarification there is a great difference between Ghosts and Spirits. Most people mistake the two for being one and the same and they are wrong. A Ghost is mostly and emotional imprint like a film loop of a very strongly emotional charged moment. They usually are the same thing in the same place at a very similar time and do not interact with anyone. A Spirit is a formless presence usually sentient and without any restrictions on it’s shape form or ability. It is not effected by any religious belief but can be interrupted and dispersed by the focused energy of a psychic or medium.

In my Hunts I usual bypass the Ghost energy and go straight towards the spirit energy which is probably why there is a ghost involved in the first place. I have created a few prototype machines that enhance spirit activity and have used them to great success. If you are interested in getting some very definite evidence on your next ghost hunt please inquire about my rates and availability. I do not participate in most ghost hunting events if the only reason to do so is to harass the Spirit realm.